Synthesis and application of high strength epoxy resin for building structure gl



Synthesis and application of high strength epoxy resin for building structure glue 

As epoxy resin has the advantages of easy operation, high strength after curing, environmental aging resistance and moderate price, the commonly used construction structure adhesive is epoxy resin adhesive. Epoxy resin adhesive used in construction industry should have the following characteristics: 1. High shear strength, compression strength and tensile strength. 2: in the long-term use under - 40-80 ℃. 3: excellent moisture resistance and aging resistance. 4. Convenient operation and moderate curing speed. In order to meet the above performance, appropriate formulation is necessary, the formulation is roughly square: epoxy resin, toughening agent, diluent, filler, curing agent, curing accelerator, etc. Based on the experiences of using polyurethane to modify epoxy resin in building construction glue abroad, we have successfully developed a tough epoxy resin for building glue. Specific synthetic conditions are as follows: a: the main raw material: the dow chemical co., LTD., polyurethane resin epoxy resin Spain MERQUINSA organotin catalyst Shanghai reagent factory 2: synthesis process of epoxy resin, preheating and 60 ℃, with catalyst and polyurethane resin 80-90 ℃ under nitrogen protection response 4 hours after feeding. Three: the analysis of the polyurethane modified epoxy resin was 60 ℃ rotary viscometer is: 1800 centipoise, epoxy value: 0.37, colour and lustre is light yellow, soluble in toluene, butanone, n-butyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, such as solvent, and the epoxy resin and high melting point good miscibility. The general formulation and properties of the adhesive used for building structures are as follows:



Project results 25 ℃ could min90 cure time d5-7 material tensile strength MPa37.9 MPa72.5 compression strength steel - steel shear strength MPa26.7 steel - steel tensile strength MPa41.5 steel and steel uneven pulled away from the intensity KN/m30.2 artificial aging of shear strength, 2000 hmpa24. 4 long-term working environment temperature - 50-70 ℃



The epoxy resin modified by polyurethane is a new generation of building structure adhesive in China, combining the advantages of good operability, high strength and toughness of epoxy resin. The epoxy resin cured at room temperature is an island structure and the polyurethane - epoxy resin interpenetrating network structure. The new formula, which does not require the use of foul-smelling polysulfide rubber and other tougheners, costs slightly less than epoxy, a building structure containing the product, and is superior in strength and aging resistance.




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