Nanjing Telesun S&T Industry Co., Ltd. is an economic entity integrating research, production, marketing and technical services. The company consists of a business management department, research and development department, engineering department, operation department, marketing department, finance department and subordinate factories, and has branches or offices in most provinces of China. The company was established in 1993 and moved into the southern area of Lishui Economic Development Zone in 2010. It covers an area of over 13,000 square meters and has about 40 people. becoming an industrial company with diversified operation and product seriation.

With a good operating mechanism and market base, the company develops and produces Telesun high-strength chemical anchor bolts, various series of bar glue, steel bonding adhesives, carbon fiber glue and marble glue, adhesives for dry-fixing stones, special curing agents for building structural adhesives, and special toughening agents for epoxy resin systems, using the internationally advanced new synthetic resin, and reasonable manufacturing equipment techniques. All structural adhesive products feature super high strength, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, anti-vibration, and heat resistance due to the indissolubility of Nano-scale inorganic materials and bonding resin. The company has its products recognized by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering, and awarded the certificates and honorary titles including “High-tech Enterprise”, “Recommendation Certificate Issued by the Organizing Committee of Recommended Product for China Building Material Construction”, “No Complaint Organization for Product Quality After-sales Service" and “Creditable Organization". Meanwhile, the company was one of the leading enterprises that prepared the national standards---Code for Design of Strengthening Concrete Structure, and involved in the preparation of the national standard schematic handbooks for Post-installed Fastenings in Concrete Structures and Reinforcement Structure in Concrete Structures. The products are popular with a large number of users as the product performance has reached the level of the international advanced products of the same kind while the price is much lower than the imported products.


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